Compliance Purposes

Our clients have included banks, building societies, insurance companies and unit trust companies. They have used the register in order to satisfy compliance regulations and for marketing their services to intermediaries.

With the onset of the recent regulations governing mortgage and general insurance intermediaries, our client base has grown significantly.

Marketing Purposes

The most important thing to remember about the FCA register is that it is a register. It is not a regular list, which may or may not be up-to-date, dependant on how the data has been acquired and how diligent the list owner is.

Anyone working within the Financial Services sector has to, by law, supply up-to-date and correct information and could go to jail if they do not do so. You will find no such compulsion with any other list you source!

Not only is it complete, it is up-to-date. Its members are obliged to advise the FCA of any material changes. Hence, you can be assured no other list will be more up-to-date. Further, you can track changes using our service to identify companies and individuals who are moving, being promoted, or gaining new qualifications.

You can gain access to a huge segment of the financial services market including:

  • Over 160,000 active individuals
  • Over 88,000 individuals regulated as investment advisers
  • Over 35,000 individuals regulated under ‘Mortgages'.

You are not restricted to the number of times you can communicate with these contacts; this makes the FCA Register one of the most targeted and yet cost effective data sources in the UK.

So, you could hit the entire marketplace and then reach individuals who have just changed their job on a monthly or weekly basis, at a price regular lists would find hard to match. Is there any list on the market that gives better value?