The FCA Register is a list of financial service companies and individuals regulated by the FCA along with the FCA regulated services they are authorised to provide.  This makes it the definitive register of intermediaries used by hundreds of financial service companies for compliance purposes.  It is also the best source of marketing information on the market, far exceeding any list in terms of completeness, accuracy and recency.

FCA Register+ from SDM provides the FCA register electronically via the SDM website and FTP site.  This is an easier, quicker, more reliable and more secure means of loading the register than CD.  SDM also provide free of charge a means of browsing the register on-line to deliver business-to-business queries, such as a list of recently authorised intermediaries.

SDM have acted as suppliers of the FCA register since the onset of the Financial Services Act in 1988 and are proud to count numerous blue-chip financial service companies as part of their client base.

It currently consists of the following files;

Company Files
  • Firm Authorisation file
  • Firm Permission file
  • Alternative Firm name file
  • Product Authorisation File
  • Appointments File
  • Sub-Status file

Individual Files
  • Individual Basic Details file
  • Individual Controlled Function Details file
  • Individual Employment Details file

For a complete definition of the file layouts and contents download the FCA Subscriber Handbook (PDF) >>  

For more information visit the FCA web site >>